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The Luxury Of The Double Walk In Shower

When this house was built in the beginning of 2002, it was plot 422 on a big smart estate being built by the biggest name in house construction at that time.  They had glossy adverts on tv and in home style magazines.  They were unequalled in the field.  This was one of the exciting things that made our family take the massive step to sell our old house an invest in this new one.    It has indeed been a source of comfort and joy living in the house for several years now. However, one issue that the builder singularly seemed to overlook – quite possibly on purpose to save money, was that skimpy sized bathrooms and shower units with large families is not a good mix.

The best decision made by us was to have the bathrooms and ensuite upgraded with smart cabinet style fitments and double sized shower cubicles replacing the mean squat single ones. Absolute joy all round.