bathroom design

The Beauty Of A Well Designed Bathroom

The joy of using a beautifully crafted and installed bathroom suite cannot be over emphasised.  There is a pleasure to using decent sized cabinets to put away all those cartons, bottles, spray decanters.  The mirror in the alcove with spot lights above now make the application of make up and styling an absolute pleasure, particularly as the installer very cleverly chose a flattering bulb type.  The whole place looks, feels and smells new and is an inspiration to us to keep it that way.  No longer are the towels draped on the floor, they are shaken, aired on the towel rail and later, folded and hung back over the equally shiny shower cubicle.

The little things like shiny taps and mixer units, the choice of whether to have a huge rose shower or contain ourselves to a removable shower head – all these things were discussed with the installer and the best of each was supplied.