Spark Of Pretty Hi Tech Bathroom Joy

We all love to think w’ve got the latest and most efficient style of bathroom and washroom fitments;  afterall, who wants to know they’ve so yesterday when it comes to taps and toilet cisterns.   A few years ago our family updated the main bathrooms and ensuite.  Out came the bulk standard shower and cream coloured porcelain sanitaryware in favour of superb hi tech push button showers, gleaming white basins and toilets.  The exercise had started when the shower unit in our ensuite had gradually broken down.  The fix turned out to be a total ripout and and redesign job.  All the rooms to have narrow cabinets and worktops into which the basins were inset with more cabinets beneath.  The tub was replaced with a super shiny whirlpool bath with matching side panelling.  Taps were hands free lever design for ease of use . . . The whole project was rather more expensive than a shower repair but I’ve not regretted that investment ever since the system was ‘handed over’ to me on completion.