bathroom design

Sourcing Most Useful Tap Innovations

When I had my bathrooms and ensuite updated a few years ago, my brief to the designer was to ensure I could turn the taps on. . . . .  having suffered from arthritis from early adulthood, this had become such a problem for me.  Getting the bath filled, the shower turned on and off and at the right temperature, were all beginning to be a joint nightmare.  So I made a list of the things that concerned me most and engaged a plumber who was already known to me through recommendation.  He listened to my plight, and showed me a couple of really thoughtful innovations that would enhance my life a great deal  ….   Being able to turn on and off, the surgeon style taps with my elbow is such a fantastic solution – the low cistern with easy push button flush and the showers with push button operation that flashes blue whilst the water comes up to my preset heat needs.  All fantastic!