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Sharing Shower Facilities With Young Beatnicks

I was staying over with some friends recently and had to share the bathroom with various children – all late teens and in various stages of adolescence – not at the same time you understand but the parents had ensuites and my guest ensuite wasn’t operating yet.  I decided there is something slightly unsettling about sharing a bathroom with other people’s children.  You can argue with your own offspring about the merits of replacing the lid on toothpaste and picking the towels up after use.  But when it’s someone else’s kiddy you don’t feel inclined to whine about all the grime around the shower cubicle and other grimness.  The shower itself was very effective – a very large raindrop shower head hung grandly over the cubicle with various other waterjets and nozzles dotted around.  It was a pity I couldn’t try out some of them but the hostess was a bit worried they hadn’t been used for quite some time and I could have been in mortal danger from legionnaires disease or worse.