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School Tiles Represent Georgian Class Divide

I was visiting a younger relative over the weekend.  She and her partner have moved in to their dream country home.  It’s a stone conversion and built originally in the early 1800s.  It had been a school and the school house and the interior still reflects some of the important differences between the two.  For example, in one part the stone tiles are very plain, easy to clean and almost unbreakable.   In a bathroom at the other end of the house are completely different quality tiles – dark blue and red quarry tiles in diamond pattern.  Luxurious and impressive.  These were in the school house end – the end that would have housed the head master of the day.  The other heavy duty plain tiles were obviously in what would have been the childrens’ school end of the property.   Good job no one saw fit to lift any of them, whichever side they represent.