Post Renovation Experiences Come To Mind

When you first have a kitchen or bathroom renovation carried out there is that initial excitement – when the plumbing contractor calls to measure up for quoting.  You look at the catalogues of attractive updated sanitary wear or kitchen sinks and cabinets and can barely imagine the luxury these renovations will bring to the property.  I can tell you now that after some twelve years of living with the bathroom and ensuite upgraes I invested in, I am very conscious of two or three things that should have been included in my programme of works.  Firstly, the shower cubicles would have easy to open doors and runners for much easier cleaning and wiping water marks off.  Another is the plunger plug system in the upstairs basins – I’ve managed to break mine so the plug has to be lifted with a sturdy finger nail.  Not ideal.  A water softening device would also have been good.