Phone With WiFi Saves Bathroom Grimness

There can’t be many more offputting scenes than having to use the bathroom in the home of a 91 year old lady of such fierce independence that she doesn’t have a cleaner  – insisting her house is perfectly clean and she doesn’t need any such help.  I can vouch for the unpleasantness.  Grubbiness around the basin, taps, shower and errr, the toilet.  My godmother has been an absolute wonder, still got all her faculties but cannot manage the once easy turn with the Jif.  I found the only way to engage her attention was to go online on my phone, show her an article about unsanitary bathrooms and how a local cleaning agency supplied via a local care in the community initiative had managed to bring some equally stubborn old dears togeher and be educated on the subject.  Joint humiliation is better obviously!  Another sorti onto the web brought pictures of gorgeous shiny clean bathroom fitments – all provided via the local community council.  Thank heavens for phones with online pics!