On Man’s Shower, Another Man’s Deluge

I was having a really odd convesation recently with a chap who had come to check over my misbehaving front door.  Somehow or other the subject got round to bathroom showers and bath taps.  He’d installed a system recently but it had presented problems and he was trying to avoid the expense of engaging a professional plumber.  I personally prefer to have shower head that can be moved up and down the holding rail so if I don’t want to get entirely soaked I can just shower from shoulders down.  So I’ve had my main showers like that.  Other people like the full rainfall style with the large circular shower head that drenches the entire body, hair and all.  The installation of each type is different and requires separate plumbing for some.  Getting a properly qualified plumber who knows how install a pump system for the hot water to merge with the cold is essential.  The electrical side of the installation will need a qualified electrician to check before it can be given a safe to operate system.