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Old Shower Unit Causes Seized Door Syndrome

I had an amusing incident happen to me earlier this week – whilst I was visiting the home of someone I’ve only recently met.  We are in the same WI group.  So when I was visiting her place for the first time and unfortunately got stuck in the downstairs cloakroom, it could have been desperately embarrassing.  She had said to me only a few moments before I shut the door, that it had been known to get stuck because the shower unit stuck out and the basin needed changing etc. the tale was long and still the door seized up !  The joke wore off after I’d been yelling for some few minutes, not realising my colleagues had departed to the garden by this time.!  Once released, I was able to profer the name of an excellent bathroom and sanitary engineer to completely replace the tumbledown units with sleek cabinet surrounds and gorgeous shiny new basin & taps.