Oh The Wonders Of A Remodelled Ensuite

There are times when mountains of bathroom accessories, toilet rolls, tissue boxes and the like are welcome and much needed, but on the whole, having piles of such things just hanging around is irritating and messy.  I never got on with those chrome racks that you’re supposed to keep your bottles, jars, packets etc. all neatly stored.  I ended all that nonsense years ago by having my bathroom and ensuites completely ripped out and remodelled by a brilliant chap who suggestd various designs and best working layout ideas.  Once chosen, he then installed a gorgeous array of cabinets, work tops, basins and other sanitary units.  The cabinets are such a boon.  All those mountains of toilet rolls and tissues . . .   bleach bottles, shampoo etc.  all hidden from view but so easily accessible.  Engaging an expert in washrooms ensured I got the best plumbing – safe, easy to use with arthritis friendly taps, push button showers and a relaxing whirlpool bath.