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New Year Heralds Bathroom & Shower Refit

Wonderful times – Christmas has come, been enjoyed, overfed and gloriously content with the world, we say a happy goodbye to it all and think about the new year and how we are going to improve our homes, lives, prospects.  Well as far as I’m concerned, the bathroom needs most help in my family home.  The outdated cabinets and ill fitting shower unit will be going and a new modern and very streamlined system will replace it.  I have it all planned, I have even had someone in the know come out and confirm that I will be able to have the shower of my dreams.  I plan a new double shower in my ensuite and replacement of the single cabinet in the bathroom, each will have a separate pump with all the working gizmos up in the loft.  Push button showers will elminate my fumbling operation of knobs and taps.  Yippee!