Modernising Bog Standard Into Uber Smart

Funny how some parts of your house have a tendency to start packing up ages before the rest.    I am a devil when it comes to bathroom fitments – somehow they break down quite early on in their tenure at my house and I end up having to call a plumber in to replace the mixer tap or sort out the combined outflow.  I’ve got the hang of the showers I had installed to replace the bulk standard set supplied by the builders on our development.  We were provided with small cubicles for the family bathroom – somehow they managed to slot a very narrow one next to a supporting pillar.  My plumber managed to improve that idea slightly with a much more modern system without so much pipework on show.  The basin is sat on a very discrete cabinet and there are matching wall cupboards all round – just narrow versions of kitchen cabinets; with a very handy and attractive narrow worktop.  It just needs imagination and a little persuation of the purse strings.