Modernised Washrooms Almost Luxurious

There is much evidence that big corporations and goverment buildings are beginning to really push towards saving water and not wasting it in their washrooms up and down the country.  Wheras at once time you would visit a historic house’s washroom and find a delapidated old toilet with old cistern above with the pull chain.  The basin would be on a cast iron stand but probably only a cold tap – one that had been dripping over the years, causing a green stain under the drip.  Today we have self timing taps so no one can just leave them running.  The soap is in dispensed in tiny blobs, easy to rinse off .  Sometimes the drying facilities are variable – the paper towels get tossed all over the floor and the electric dryer needs electricity.  However, today’s facilities are so much more modern and hygienic.  It brings a whole new meaning to that phrase Comfort Station.