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Modern Smelling Salts In A Straw Filled Bottle

I was visiting a pub with the family recently – having lunch out, for the second time that week.  I wasn’t familiar with the venue this time and my habit, to enable to me to gauge the sort of meal I’m about to order, is to check out the boys’ room to see how much care and attention the washbasins and faucets get – and especially the other sanitary fixtures.  I was very impressed with the modern facilities – sparkling white porcelain or nearest modern equivalent . . . .  choice of paper towels or amost silent wall mounted blower.  These were very smart, clean, dry and shiny.  But what I really appreciated, especially in a gents’ room, was the effective fragrance dispenser – a small ornately shaped bottle sat on each toilet cistern – each had a handful of very thin balsa or bamboo sticks in them which absorb the perfume and emit it constantly.  It was slightly overpowering at first but I’d rather be knocked out by fresh florals than by mother nature!