Modern Day Chamber Pot Shock

I was visiting a relative recently and we decided to take ourselves off for a troll around the countryside.   We got out our heritage membership books & decided on a couple of properties to visit.    The first of these was a most intriguing final home of a very famous charity benefactor.   The property was built in the early 1930s and as our grandparents had bought their house in 1933, I can definitely vouch for it coming complete with upstairs bathroom and additional cloakroom off the hallway.  Indoor flushing loos!  It was a complete surprise therefore when we visited this home that had several guest bedrooms, each with an attached dressing room with basin, but no guest toilets . . . .  the main bathrooms along the corridors were only provided with chamber pots – sat in a line, with rolls of toilet paper hung near each.   Very definitely not my style of activity.  The second house we toured was of an older era and that definitely had indoor toilets – all quaintly updated ceiling height cisterns with gloriously decorated pull chains.  So two extremes of bathroom fashions indeed!