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Miracle Hard Water Mark Remover

We have a tendency towards relaxed but reasonably tidy, whereas my brother & sister in law are both afflicted with an obsession over cleaning and tidying up constantly.  Not sure which of them started it but they’re both as bad  – or as good, as each other.   We do take care of our ensuite and bathrooms.  The chrome showers and taps are always cleaned to within an inch of their lives and the basins are now shinier than when first installed – I discovered a wonder product designed and marketed for cleaning hard water and calcification marks.  It’s a real whizz for cleaning the entire lot.  We were concerned at one point about the surface of our ensuite basin beginning to look damaged and rough  instead of pristine & shiny.  I assumed it was over use of proprietary bleachy cleaning agents but as soon as we used the new product, the rough surface disappeared completely and it looks like new.  A true miracle!