Home Update Sorely Needed Before Inheritance

I help out a very old lady who lives a few miles off.  She’s got two sons but they seem totally useless.   One is full of the talk – knows how to do everything faster, better . . . .  but when it’s suggested he buy and replace the new bathroom taps so dearly needed, he becomes ill and retires to his bed for days at a time.   The other son is not practical at all.   He doesn’t drive thus relying on everyone else ferrying him about – particularly his wife.   So niether son is of any use to the dear old soul.   Her home is in need of a really thorough make over.   The scullery kitchen is the tiniest imaginable at 6ft x 6ft wall to wall and in that are cupboards and white kitchen goods!  There’s room down one side and out the back for a huge kitchen, living room extension and the house could be made so much more user friendly than it is now.  It needs a specialist interior designer to look it over and make a design for a really useable house – before those oafs get to inherit it and leave it unloved and unrenovated!