Home Comfort & Modern Design Desires Change

Interior design and the refreshment of that in the average house can be quite an undertaking.  I have been in my home for more years than I every expected.  In fact, although it still feels fresh and brand new, I have been here for nearly 17 years.  Fantastic.  The house is what is generally described as four or five bedroomed executive detached and it sits at the top of a most attractive estate of very similar properties.  The change in environmental considerations has meant that this was one of the last estates of this size and generosity to be built in the early 2000s.  The ones following have all had to take up much less of a footprint.  My house now needs a refurbishment – I am sure a young couple looking round would grimace at the kitchen – adequate for me but not at all sparkling and hi tech enough for today’s very professional business couple!