Getting Enough Basins And Showers For Busy Lifestyles

So often in busy family homes these days, there are several children from various extended groups – splitting their time with parents and siblings in different situations is nothing new now.  The ability of each family to host this constantly changing scenario can be challenging.  There is one solution to many of these problems.  If the bedrooms are large enough and with nearby source of plumbing, say next to the main bathroom or an ensuite.  Or above the kitchen for example.

To add vanity unit basins into the corner of bedrooms has always been a preserve of the rather well off family – in the larger than average country house perhaps.  After all once plumbed in water became available, this saved much luggng of jugs and basins around by the staff.  How much nicer these days to have an ensuite shower for all rooms.  That is not a possibility usually, but an inset basin in each could well be.