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From Shared Bathroom To A Hotel Style Dream

I was admiring the pictures of a brand new house that my chum’s son and girlfriend are about to move in to.  It has two bathrooms, two ensuite bedrooms and 2 standard double bedrooms.   The kitchen and utility room have large sinks with universal taps and it looks simply gorgeous.

This is in stark contrast to the flat that I had when I first left home.  Golly that was grim. One tiny basin in the bedroom – which was the lounge too.  One tiny sink in the kitchenette.   I shared a bathroom down the corridor.  Those humble beginnings made me really appreciate bathrooms and sanitary fittings in general.  In my own nice big house, I had my bathroom and ensuite ripped out and moderniised.  I used to walk past a gorgeous bathroom & kitchen showroom which inspired me to invest a few thousand to get hotel style for myself.  I love them as much today as when first done!