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From Auctioned Glory Hole To Palace Of Delights

I was watching one of those daytime tv property purchases by auction shows the other day – my goodness the houses on offer were so seriously grim.  I just cannot imagine being able to enter one of them, let alone feel inclined to generate funding to spend on one.  What puts me off is always the filthy state of them.  The previous occupants, probably dossers of sorts, must have no respect for themselves or others.  But somehow, other hardier folk are able to look at the bones of a building and see a fantastic rip out and refit job.  I can’t say I’m all that enamoured with the choice of tiles and hobs in the kitchens – very often a chap and his son will be doing the quickest cheapest turnaround so as to catch the rental market.  The public toilet tiling schemes leave me cold, but they’re a vast improvement on the previous mucky horror!