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Fence Collapse Triggers Bathroom Refurb

We’ve been somewhat battered with hefty wind and stormy weather of late.  This has of course caused pre Christmas panic amongst those of us who have been unfortunate enough to get up one morning and find the entire back fence collapsed all over the shrubbery.  This then led me to checking other signs of deterioration around my house.   The first place that needs a facelift and refub is my ensuite – I had my bathrooms refitted completely a few years ago and until a couple of months ago, all was fine.  Then I somehow managed to dislodge the little post that pushes up the plug in my basin – it crashed down the pipe never to be seen again!  So a new tap and waste combo needed there plus new kitchen sink & counter tops.  Once something starts to wear out, it really should be seen to early on.  Phew, hope Santa’s generous this year!