Faucet, Fawcets Whatever – Plumbing Needed

I’ve often wondered exactly why we call taps Taps – in the States they use the phrase fawcet, fawcett or faucet.  When I looked up the phrases, it appears that faucet is from the French for the breach of spigot or which in turn could be from the Latin Faucet which means upper throat.  These differences are quite interesting but they don’t really make a lot of difference to the essential matter of getting a gizmo that can help me tidy up the sink area in my kitchen!  I have now engaged the services of a proper tradesman.  someone who has trained and grafted and learned his job.   Nothing is more irritating than some chap who offers to ‘sort it out’ and then makes a complete dogs dinner of what was really only a matter of me not being able to turn the tap off adequately to stem the drip, drip, drip!  Hey ho – hurrah for all those fantastic well qualified tradesmen out there everywhere.