Family Shower Failure Causes Havoc

It’s a shock to the system when our usually reliable domestic bathroom showers pack up.  My neighbours had this inconvenience very recently – they’d suspected  something was up when the pressure to the main shower had started dropping and there was never enough water for a decent shower and hair wash.  The hubby made forays into the matter and couldn’t see anything obvious to cause a drop.  However, knowing that the previous owner had a reputation for parsimony, there was a suggestion that perhaps he had put a water limiting device across the hot water supply to the showers and main bath.  After much fiddling and expensive failures to fix, they called in a plumbing expert who persuaded them to change over to a pressurised tank system which provides truly wonderful hot water in vast quantities – certainly enough for a household of four adults.  It also ensures they don’t store masses of water unecessarily throughout the day.  Heats and used as needed.  Fantastic savings.