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Cottage With Modern Plumbing – Sacre Blue!

I was watching an old edition of a popular property programme the other evening – amazingly, despite constant repeats, I’d not seen this couple before.  Downsizing house but upsizing land (for the now almost obligatory hens/goats/alpacas/donkeys);  must have character;  must have large kitchen;  must have 2 bedrooms.   Must have wood burning stove and raeburn etc. etc.  The list was long and impossible to achieve in the location on their budget.  Just as the host was beginning to lose the will to live – as was I, the Madam suddenly decided she couldn’t buy into this dream – as all the cottages presented had potty little bedrooms without space for wardrobes and none had an ensuite or even a decent sized bathrooms with modern taps and plumbing  . . . . . Hello?!  Who wanted to have a character cottages – usually built before any plumbing, modern or otherwise!  However, modern taps and bathrooms are very much available for the smaller cottage – and this shouldn’t put folk off buying into their (realistic) dream.