Bathroom Upgrades To Luxe Hotel Level

Some years ago when I broke my main shower cubicle and it led to a most exciting journey . . . .  I ended up investing in a home improvement programme to update my bathrooms and ensuite.   I engaged a professional plumber who came highly recommended.   We discussed my ever decreasing mobility issues.  He brought some interior design ideas forward that never occured to me.  Easier entry showers complete with instant push button controls to eleviate the agony of trying to turn a tap or knob to get correct temperature level.  Lever taps on the basins and baths.  He suggested altering where the fixtures were placed to make access easier.  He also sent me to look at some bathroom shops to consider a range of narrow fitted bathroom cabinets and worktops.  The work was completed in 4 weeks and it was the best investment I could have made as it gives me, and several visitors a year, joy to use these facilities which could equal a luxury hotel!