bathroom design

Bathroom Update Creates Waves Of Delight

When you buy a new home, whether it is one on a new edge of town ribbon development, or a beautiful individually designed dream bungalow, there will be at least one family bathroom with an energy efficient bath and hi tech water saver shower.  Then at least one bedroom will have an ensuite shower room and downstairs there will be a cloakroom with basin and loo.   So the chances for being clean and hygienic are never far away.

However when you move into an older house and the older the house, the less there will be, the faciilities will be so lacking, it hardly bears thinking about.  So this is just the time to talk to a professional interior and bathroom design studio.  They can look at the space you have and design changes to incorporate similar modern energy and water saving bathroom and shower facilities.  Get that crest of a wave feeling!