Bathroom Mods Informed By Mobility Awareness

You don’t need to live in a massive luxuriously penthouse suite to enjoy the comforts of a truly well designed bathroom and ensuite space.  In one of my houses I’ve taken part of a third bedroom to enable the family bathroom to be extended out from a squatty little washroom with tiny shower cubicle with hard to turn shower and awkwardly positioned toilet and bath.  Now I have much more room with a bigger window, a spa bath with additonal shower tap and generously proportioned basin set in a shiny counter top.  The tap is universal lever up/down operation to assist everyone, like me, who has less mobility in their fingers and wrist.  The addition of slimline cabinets has really streamlined the fixtures so that there’s room to move around and I’ve even got an armchair in there – to allow the bathing attendant to sit in comfort when the grandchildren are at their noisiest and most energetic.  The whole room looks so good now that I’ve even had groups of neighbours coming to have a look at the new design feature – I set the pace for them to follow.