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Bathroom Heaven Outdone By Swish New Builds

I had a chance to look over one of the larger houses on the estate where I have lived for some years.  When I came in to an inheritance I upgraded the rather basic washroom facilities to two bathrooms, an ensuite plus downstairs cloakroom – all fitted out with swish fitted cabinets and state of the art sanitary fittings.    Aftera few years a set of newer, bigger houses were shoe-horned in to a little cul de sac.  They have been the subject of many glances, a mixture between envy and incredulity – as to why would anyone want to buy a big house on such a squashed in plot . . . . .

Well having struck up conversation with the family in one of these homes, I was proudly shown round it.  Once inside it seems even more spacious.  My swish sanitary fittings pale into insignificance – this one had fantastic taps, hi tech showers, blue tooth everywhere.  Swish indeed!