Aged Aunt In Emergency Bathroom Drama

I had the unfortunate experience the other day of having to help an aged, frail and extremely proud aunt in a very awkward situation and where she was having none of my efforts to help her.  She did have to in the end because she was exhausted and getting nowhere fast.   We’d had lunch out, all appeared well, until we returned to her home.  Then she was violently unwell.  Sickness, runny tummy, the lot.  She was obviously really poorly and needed help to sort herself out – and the bathroom.  She fought like a good’n though to not let me see the mess.  I stood my ground and gently stripped her off and got her cleaned up in the shower, redressed and tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle.  The whole job would have been easier though if her bathroom had been neat, tidy and easy to operate shower and bath taps!