Fight The Mould In That Shower!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when getting to grips with the state of their shower cubicle becomes necessary . . .  Whether it’s a hi tech sliding door designs, a panel of perspex to be stepped around or just a straight pole above the length of the bath with a plastic or nylon curtain trailing down . . . .  the remainder of the wall holding the rest of it up will need to be cleaned and aired very regularly.  If not, the revolting task of de-moulding will be added to the first two.  There are mould removing sprays that do this but it’s best to keep on top of the cleaning for these to be really effective.  So after showering, spray the screen and wall surrounds until any suds are gone.  Leave the cubicle open and after a couple of minutes, wipe down the area with an e-cloth, paying special attention to corners, joins etc. Wiping away any sign of grubiness will help keep the area fresh.    Keeping bath & shower rooms as aired as possible will greatly reduce build up of this ghastly black mould.